Vice Gov fixes to resolve the problematic EBMC


In a bid to fast track solution to some issues concerning the operations of the province EBMC particularly on the shortage of fund, medical supplies and PHILHEALTH issues, Vice-Governor Jose “Bong” Teves Jr. meet with the administrative persons and the Provincial Health Officer of the provincial hospital.

A review of the Statement of Revenues and Expenses from January to August 2013 was undertaken, taking primary considerations on the subsidy extended by the Provincial government despite its being an economic enterprise.

The statement reveals that the provincial subsidy of PhP 11.41M forms 22.78% of the total revenue of PhP 50.07M to include local income and PHILHEALTH collections from January to August this year.

A total of PhP 4.44M of net revenues was derived from its operation after deducting the sum of the expenses on personal services, MOOE and Capital outlay.

The EBMC should have been a let-alone being an economic enterprise that the provincial government proposes a retraction of subsidy.

From the revenue statement, it is clearly shown that the EBMC will be on a net loss once the provincial subsidy is withdrawn. The vice-Govenor requested for an estimated expense and income estimate for the next four months.