(Violet) Cycle C/Year II (November 29, 2015
(Jer 33:14-16/1Thes 3:12-4, 2/Lk 21:25-28, 34-36)
Catholic Handicapped Day

“Be vigilant at all times and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man” (Lk 21:36). We end the gospel for this Sunday with this biblical verse that calls for all of us to be vigilant at all times because the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, is coming. With this call for vigilance, we begin the season of Advent in the liturgical calendar of our Church. Advent prepares us for the solemnities of Christmas by which we are reminded of the first coming of Jesus that happened two thousand years ago and at the same time it helps us to look forward to the second coming of Jesus at the end of time with expectant joy.

It is certain that Jesus Christ is coming. He came already and He will come at the end of time. In between these two comings of Jesus, still He comes to us in a subtle way and this happens every day. Moreover, as we remember the first coming of Jesus this Christmas, He will come to us this Christmas in a special way; He wants to be born not anymore in the manger but in the heart of each of us.

We need to be vigilant always because we do not know the hour and day of His coming. The Jews did not know when Jesus was born that was why He was born only in a manger. Jesus tells us that nobody knows except His Father about the hour and day of His second coming. We do not also know how and when Jesus is coming to us daily. And even though we know that Jesus is coming to us in a special way this Christmas, still there is a need for us to be prepared otherwise, we will not be worthy to accept Him in our hearts.

How do we prepare for His coming? We have to be vigilant that our concerns in daily life may not deter from preparing for His coming especially this Christmas. Certainly, there we are busy with our activities at home, at work, at school, in business, and in other organizations we belong to. All these are valid reasons for us to busy with. But then we must not forget that our goal in life as Christian is not to own the whole world but rather to enter the home of our Heavenly Father. We have to bear in mind that all the things here on earth will pass away and so we should not put our hearts to our concerns in this earthly life. Rather, we must anchor our heart, mind and whole being to things that last that will bring us to eternal life.

Jesus, our Savior, is the only One who can grant us eternal salvation. Jesus Himself is the way towards eternal salvation. His teachings are truth that will bring us eternal salvation. He is the source of life that can grant us fullness of life.

On this advent season, let us set our hearts to Jesus and let Him redirect our lives by following His teachings and by removing our impurities, selfishness and sinfulness. Let us be devoutly vigilant for His coming this Christmas and have an expectant joy in our hearts so that this Christmas He may truly be born to us and that we may have a new life, the life of being children of God.