It seems that FICELCO is always not ready for the worst scenario every time we are at the height of the summer season.

Washing hands, blaming and finger pointing might save their faces, but we have been hearing these alibis year after year. Why is it that this long overdue problem can’t be resolved? It is the main job of FICELCO management to find ways and look for alternative solutions to avoid power interruptions and load shedding.

The obligation of the member consumer is to faithfully pay their bills, the same manner, FICELCO has the primordial obligation to reciprocally render efficient services to fulfill the mutual deal.

Spending vacation, attending so many occasions like fiesta and reunion to name a few, or mere enjoying the summer season are customary engagements that may boost tourism and economic stability in the island province, however, the Christmas light scenario is quite frustrating.

This magnitude of global heat impedes the hydro power plant. Though rainfall will definitely help ease the power shortage, but how and when it should be. Waiting for the rain is not an appropriate solution, rather an alternative power suppliers.

Be that as it may, in spite of the present situation, we are still willing to give the power company the benefit of the doubt. We can understand and appreciate their limitations, but we are badly demanding their best effort to finally resolve this situation with dispatched.