Beauty and intelligence scarcely blend, which is a human tragedy.

Fiesta or festival promotes the culture of a community. Usually, organizers consider beauty pageant as one of the "highlights" of the fiesta/festival. But I wonder what relationship culture and beauty pageant has? Beauty pageant does not to the slightest degree promote the culture of the community. Appealing to the bodily senses, it rarely illicit intellectual reflection. Utilizing carnal senses, it diminishes and downplays one's intellectual prowess.

However, culture needs the cooperation of the intellect. Sans reason, culture becomes a mound of trash. No wonder we have now the term crash/trash culture. Culture according to Cicero's work "Tusculanae Disputationes" (45BC) is "cultura animi": meaning the "cultivation of the soul". Culture is related to the Latin term: "cultus": meaning "religion"; without which culture becomes base, ignoble, trash, valueless, evil or sinful. Religion informs and guides culture.

What then beauty pageant promotes? A "culture of exploitation"? When even minor-aged girls are accepted as contestants? What does a high school student have in "beauty" in order to be a contestant? Some of her biological faculties are not even fully developed to be "appreciated" by the public. Physically and emotionally they are not yet prepared to properly handle the pressure on the beauty outside and inside their persons. And yet we are already exposing them to such events to their personal peril. We must remember that beauty is beyond the physical. It is psycho-emotional, intellectual, and most of all spiritual.

What does beauty pageant promotes? A culture of "querida" of the politicians and big businessmen? In many instances we have seen that a beauty titlist became a "querida"/"scholar"/"binabahay" by the not-so-honorable politician or businessman. Even the not-so-lucky hapless contestants fall prey to the carnal desires of politicians robbing them of their innocence and dignified existence. Is this the "culture" beauty pageants want to promote?

Worse, there is a secret world lurking beneath the glitters and glamours of beauty pageants. Parents beware. Your lovely daughter may be the next victim. Beware of personalities posing as "talent scouts" kuno, who act as double agent "bugaw". Little did you know they are already making indecent proposals to your daughter that may rob her holy innocence and bright future.

And so, this increasingly pagan culture continue to celebrate in pageant, their lusty laughter turning to a dirge, to the peril of many unknown innocent souls. (For feedbacks sms/txt Sniper@09067204747)