We are told that the Philippines straddles the so-called "ring of fire", an arc-shaped swathe of land in the globe that includes several countries. Being in the "ring of fire" means being vulnerable to earthquakes and upheavals like volcano eruptions triggered by hot magma building up tremendous pressure underneath.

Bad and tragic for us, yes. But NOT all that bad, really! For one, due to earth's periodic convulsions, we are a mineralized land caused by the periodic movements of the earth's crust or techtonic plates pushing to the surface from the earth's wombs gold, copper and other precious metals. MOUNT APO


Talking of volcanoes. I once visited Lake Agco at the Mount Apo slopes during a media forum arranged by MindaNews. It was an ascending trip from Kidapawan City to the resort site high up in the slopes. Hot steaming water from the bowels of the earth fed into steaming ponds. It was the first time I realized that volcanoes were all not that dangerous and bad. In fact, geothermal aquifers in volcanic areas can be veritable sources of cheap power for all of us.

Nearby was the PNOC - EDC geothermal power plants. We know that geothermal plants are still, by far, the most desirable renewable power source as it leaves the least environment "footprint", leaves no waste and it is the most environment friendly source of power.

Significantly, per approved rates by the Energy Regulatory Commission, geothermal generates the cheapest power (P5.11/ kh) compared to all renewables like bio-mass (P6.63/kh); wind (P8.53/kh); solar (P9.68/kh) or even hydro (P5.90/kh). Power from coal-fired plant, by the way, costs P5.59/kh. (These rates do not include as yet, of course, other add-ons like transmission charges, taxes etc). GEOTHERMAL POWER


That's the reason why a few days ago, I was engrossed listening to Mindanao Affairs First Vice President Manuel " Bobby" Orig, of Aboitiz Power,Inc. giving a briefing on the planned geothermal power plants at the Mt. Apo national park. It was done during our reunion at the quiet retirement house of Archbishop "Emeritus" Nanding Capalla at Catalunan Grande ( on a promontory overlooking the city and the gulf) to mark his 39th episcopal ordination anniversary.

His close friends, called "NANDING BOYS" were there to celebrate with him -- although only a few of of us (Nilo Claudio , Art Milan, Tony Ajero) among the chrolesterol-watchers touched the luscious "lechon de leche" on the table. Back to geothermal. It's not everywhere where one can generate steam from a geothermal plant to generate electricity.

We need a volcano nearby where hot magma somewhere about 3 kilometers deep into the ground can heat up and boil underground water and produce steam whose force can turn turbines and produce electricity. It is a "hot pot theory" in action. It can be simply illustrated, per Bobby, by a boiling kettle (locally called a "takori") where after the water boils, steam escapes from the spout.

That steam, if controlled and managed can be a force to produce cheap electricity. What is "harvested" by the drills and pipes from below consists of 20% steam and 80% water -- the water component being injected back to the ground-- so there are NO wastes left in the environment. AP Renewables, Inc. ( APR) an Aboitiz subsidiary, is planning to build two geothermal plants at 100MW each in two sights : at Mt Apo Talomo-Tico in Magpet, North Cotabato and at Mt. Sibulan at Kapatagan that straddles Sta. Cruz, Digos and Davao City.

Although each actual plant site needs only about 1,000 square meters of land, the size of an olympic-sized swimming pool, each concession will cover about 8,500 hectares. APR is an old hand in operating geothermal plants being owner/ operator of a 458MW geothermal plant in Makban, Laguna and a 289 MW geothermal plant in Tiwi, Albay. We hope the project goes on stream quickly as we are all in bad need of power in Mindanao. When all requisites are done, the construction period to plant commissioning spans about 4 to 5 years. So let's all get going, folks!


DAVAO CANADIAN CHAMBER --- Canadian Julian Payne who is national president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CANCHAM) called me from Manila to inform me that plans are afoot for the establishment of a Davao CanCham, which will promote Canadian- Philippines investments and goodwill. He will visit Davao within the next few days to meet those interested to be charter members.


WANTED BUYER --- A plush facility that served as a learning center ( for music and language ) is being offered for sale. It is situated in a 1,500 square meter subdivision land in Guadalupe Village in Lanang. It consists of plush buildings with around 15 rooms that can be used as classrooms and around 21 lodging rooms complete with space for offices, kitchen, dining and other amenities. The reason why the facilities are for sale is because my lady friend who owns it plans on moving on with her life and career in Europe where she came from before settling in Davao City years ago. I promised to help her so email or call me @09178995377.


CRIMES OF PASSION --- Over the past weeks, we have been shaken by several crimes committed in the city that may have elements of what we call "crimes of passion" like the murders of Davao Businessman "TY" Garcia and perhaps of Lawyer Emmanuel Acuna. Another businessman, Richard King was also shot dead but this is still being investigated. Jealous lovers or business rivalry or plain personal grudges plus availability of for-hire killers make a dangerous combination. This is a slap on our justice system where people with grievances no longer resort to.


GET'S CENTENNIAL --- Today, we are marking the 100th birthday anniversary of the late Atty. GUILLERMO E. TORRES, SR. a Mindanao pioneer in education, media, banking business and other endeavors. Among others, he founded the University of Mindanao, the Mindanao TIMES, the UMBN, the Mt. Apo Science Foundation and other early pioneering projects that have become fountainheads of development in Southern Philippines up to this day.

When I was a young newsman while studying law in the late 60s, I had the privilege of working for "GE" ( while Mindanao TIMES was still a weekly). He was a quiet, low-key but passionate worker.

He was a personal friend to Philippine presidents. (I remember him playing golf with President Marcos.) Unknown to many, he was one of the early migrants from Luzon who, even before the war, had believed that being in Mindanao, specially still rustic Davao, was the way to the future. He was a visionary.

His passion was to capacitate the young through education. Today, the fine traditions have been passed on and carried over to the next generation. I am sure "GE" is now at peace with the thought that the torch, still aflame, is ably borne high by his equally workaholic and illustrious "clone", DR. GUILLERMO "Willie" TORRES, Jr. with whom I also work as a peer and a friend. On my part, I have mixed feelings -- whether to feel proud or feel ancient -- having spanned two generations of GEs, the father and the son. (jessdureza@gmail.com) -30-