Eighty five years ago, J.B.S. Haldane, the noted British scientist, gave a famous lecture at Cambridge University predicting that England would eventually turned to wind turbines and stored hydrogen for energy. Haldane’s prophesy according to Denis Hayes seemed almost whimsically foolish as the world turned more and more to oil, gas, and coal.

Viewed in the new (3rd) millennium, Haldane’s 1923 lecture seems remarkably farsighted. Most renewal energy resources, Hayes added, are not continuous. For instance, solar cells make electricity whenever the sun shines on them, but at night they produce no power. Wind turbines stop spinning when the wind stops blowing.

Hydrogen can help fill in these gaps. Hydrogen (H2) is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe.When hydrogen is burned or processed in a fuel cell, it combines with oxygen to release energy, said Hayes. Pure drinkable water (H20) is the only by-product. Hydrogen according to him is the cleanest, healthiest fuel possible.  

Deuterium (or hydrogen) according to a reliable source abounds in the Philippine Deep. And yes, Mang Pandoy, deuterium deposit is only found in the Philippine Deep. Praise the Lord. In the not-so-distant-future, the Philippines would be the sole exporter of hydrogen according to a reliable source.

The Deuterium deposit as revealed by the American satellite findings has a length of 868 miles which stretches from Bicol to Sulu., It is 52 miles width and 3 miles deep. Hydrogen fuel according to reliable source will replace fossil fuels. Hydrocarbon age is about to end, experts said.

The tigil-pasada, waged by the FEDVITODA two weeks ago in the capital town had more or less affected the riding public. The timing was perfect--- June 10-11, the start of classes for school year 2008-09. Their intention was good for their families but bad for the commuters.

We salute the immediate action of LGU-Virac and the PNP for deploying trucks and other vehicles to serve the commuting public. It was a proactive move, although palliative and temporary.

We are lucky that the transport strike lasted less than two days. Had it been waged for 1 week of more the commuting public would have been so affected so much as to get angry and condemn the transport group.

The transport groups by the way are divided into two. One faction (FEDVITODA) headed by Joel Sarmiento had been batting for two-peso increase while the other one lead by Marvin Marcus filed for a one peso fare hike. Which one will prevail? – one peso or two pesos?

The heart of the New Covenant, according to Loron Wade, is simple: I will be their God and they will be my people (Jeremiah 31:33). This means that true religion is not centered on rules but on a relationship.

Its center is not in us and our behavior but in God and His love, he added. Under this plan, Loron said, the Ten Commandments have a different functions and a different face. They are not ladder that we must climb, hoping someday to go high enough to get into heaven. Instead, they are holy principles, designed to help us avoid sufferings and foolish mistake. Under this plan, they truly are a “law of liberty” (James 2:12), he said

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