Remembering the heroes


The country abounds with heroes, from the folk heroes recorded in the country's ancient epics through the centuries of foreign rule in the country up to the present.

The long list of men and women who gave up their lives in defense of the Filipino people's rights and liberties testify to the heroism of the people. It is a good thing that the government has allotted one day as National Heroes Day because many heroes have been forgotten.

By their deeds and sacrifices, the country's heroes wrote the pages of the country's annals not only with their blood but by their deeds that raised the dignity of the Filipino as a people. It is important to study the life and works of these heroes for posterity to see and emulate their noble lives and deeds.

The country's heroes also include those who selflessly worked for the welfare and progress of Philippine life through honest and dedicated public service - the Overseas Filipino Workers, the cab driver who returned huge amounts of money left behind by a passenger, the teachers who sacrificed their lives and who died protecting the sanctity of the ballots, the government forces who died and those still living who continue to do their task of protecting the people and upholding the rule of law, the farmers who toil the soil so that Filipinos will have rice to eat, the students who by their achievements announced to the whole world the existence of their respective hinterland homes, the government workers who continue to serve with commitment despite the meager pay.

These are so many seldom remembered heroes of the nation, men and women who lived and died for freedom and liberty, men and women who work for peace, unity, integrity and truth. In your own locality you can be one of them.