There is an urgent call from the member consumers of FICELCO in the province of Catanduanes to urgently address the massive brownouts that causes damage to appliances, computers and other electronic items in so many household.

Obviously because of the summer season, lack of supply from the independent power producers especially from SUWECO and Balongbong hydro power plant are the reasons behind.
Based on the information, there is a pending joint Energy Sales Agreement (ESA) application at the office of the Energy Regulation Commission (ERC) in order that SUWECO can extend services through their generator sets aside from the hydro power as their existing contract with FICELCO.

People of Catanduanes deserve to experience abundant power supply especially during summer season because of the fiesta celebrations. Many bakasyunistas are coming over to spend their vacation to unwind from the polluted and hot environment of Metro Manila, however, it seems that they are experiencing the same ambiance.

We appreciate the extra effort that is continuously undertaken by the present management headed by GM Sammy Laynes, however, at the end of the day, the stable power supply is still the ultimate assignment that should be resolved to favorably satisfy the member consumers of the island.