The Year of the Earth Dog is about to end. Nevertheless, amid man-made calamities or nature-induced catastrophe we should instill in our coconut shell that above the clouds and the rains, the sun is still shining. Be that as it may, it would be better for all of us to look at the closing of 2018 with hope.

It would be very challenging, hurting and problematic if we are hoping against hope. When a person is hopeless or going to the edge of the cliff—or worse just few meters away from the cliff, he or she may simply/seriously call it quits. Huwag naman sana.

The antidote to suicide is to accept, remind us that “we are champions.” How and why?

It started when our parents in their loving ways conceived us through our respective mothers.  Through the life giving mechanism endowed to our fathers during their romantic moments – you and I,respectively, were the lone sperm cell out of millions released by our biological father.

That lone sperm swam fast against these other millions of cells to meet and unite with the waiting loving embrace of the ovum—the female cell.  In a matter of nine (9) months that union of the male and female cells, with God’s blessings, led to conception—and that’s you and me, respectively.

During that nine- month conception, if were not lucky, we might succumb to sickness, accidental or, worse , intentional abortion for being unwanted.  But we came out to this world, in due time, crying, isn’t it?  Crying probably due to sudden change in environment, Or in the opinion of psychologysts—we’re crying in anticipation of the myriads of challenges and problems awaiting us with impunity and no end.

So fear not. God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son—biblically called Emmanuel (meaning God is with us)—Jesus Christ, the Messiah we await and celebrate every Yuletide Season.

Be that as it may, we should anticipate and welcome 2019—Year of the Earth Pig— with optimism.  No other choice, It is imperative that we look 2019 with optimism as we prepare for the May 13, 2019 mid-term examination, right!

* * * *

In solidarity with the  priests, and in celebration of the Yuletide Season, the Knights of Columbus, Assembly, District V-04, District V-05 Immaculate Conception Council, had mounted their “LIGHT UP FOR CHRISTMAS LANTERN” led by Bishop Manolo A. delos  Santos last Dec. 4.  The theme “ KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS” was the KC’s fitting symbolic manifestation of our organization as a catholic civic, family, fraternal and religious organization.

* * * *

For the first in my life as senior citizen, aspiring leader, and print and broadcast media practitioner rolled into one, I had been attending Christmas Parties, namely: Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers at Queen Maricel Inn, San Isidro Vollage;  St. Peter’s Xmas Party, Dec. 19 at ARDCI Cabana; Bicol Peryodiko/Radio Peryodiko Christmas Party, Dec. 21 Queen Maricel Inn and the Pag-_Iribang Pandananon sa Metro Virac (PPMV), December 22, Amenia Beach Report, Palawig, San Andres, Catanduanes.  There might be some other parties to attend to. Whew!  Maraming pagbabago at kaganapan sa outgoing 2018 sa buhay ko. Lalo na seguro sa 2019, na sa tingin tuloy-tuloy and magagandang kaganapan, optimist that I am.


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