“How time flies, and it feels like just yesterday when Bicol Peryodiko started in the province of Catanduanes as an alternative community newspaper of general circulation.

Even though we are still minors at the age of 17, we could not have imagined reaching this year amid life’s challenges. It’s an unforgettable moment to have given a community newspaper such a long year, despite financial constraints in managing the weekly issue. Like other newspapers around the world, the modern era, especially the internet and social media, has had a significant impact on the traditional newspaper system. Both online and offline modes need to be synchronized to retain the newspaper’s effectiveness.

So far, there has been no change in Article 2 of the Civil Code, which requires laws, ordinances, and circulars of agencies to be published in a newspaper of general circulation before they become effective. If publication is piecemeal, it’s as good as no publication at all. Therefore, we can say that the newspaper is not yet obsolete because ordinances and other laws, especially those with penal sanctions, still need to be published.

It’s good to reminisce about the past, but the future of newspapers in the country is even more exciting. This includes the digitized platform.

Because of this, from the team behind Bicol Peryodiko newspaper, we want to express our endless gratitude to those who have continuously monitored, participated, become a part of, and continue to be a part of our weekly publication.

We hope that you will not tire of supporting us to further expand our community and continue to provide information to the people of Catanduanes, Bicol, and the entire world through both online and offline means.

Above all, we thank the Almighty for His continuous guidance to continue the mission and be one of the sources of reliable information for the entire province and neighboring provinces in the Bicol Region.

Aside from Bicol Peryodiko, we are also celebrating the seventh anniversary of Radyo Peryodiko in the province of Catanduanes.

Happy Anniversary, Kaperyodiko!

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