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The Need for Prayer Power

          The concept of positive thinking, according to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, has literaly permeated

the American culture. And, may I add, practically the whole world today, in view of The Power of

Thinking book , which was translated into thirty-three languages,  13 million  copies sold and the books message put into audio and videocassettes prior to the emergence of IT-driven technologies such as laptops, cellphones and state –of- the- art accessories.

           Positive Thinking is a philosophy and an expression of faith that does not ignore life’s problems, but rather explains a tough-minded approach to life’s full potential.

            In his condensed edition of “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Dr.  Norman Vincent Peale writes and I quote: “You are dealing with the most tremendous power in the world when you pray.”  “The secret of prayer is to find the process that will most effectively open one’s mind humbly to God. Any method through which you can stimulate the power of God to flow into your mind is legitimate,” so said the best-selling writer.

             Dr. Peale mentioned of an illustration of a scientific use of prayer  experienced by a man who opened a small business—as he characterized it, “ a little hole in the wall” in New York years ago. He had one employee. In a few years they moved into a larger room and then into extensive quarters. It became a very successful operation.

               This man’s method of business as he described it was “to fill the little in the wall with optimistic prayers and thoughts.” He declared that hard work, positive thinking, fair dealing, right treatment  of people , and the proper kind of praying always gets results. This man, Dr. Peale added, worked out his own simple formula for solving his problems through prayer power.  The formula is: (1) PRAYERIZE, (2) PICTURIZE, and (3) ACTUALIZE. (To be continued).      

                                                                               * * * *

           The Oratio Imperata read in Catholic Churches during Holy Mass is a powerful prayer indeed amid the rising cases of covid-19 infections in the NCR and bubble plus and the approaching typhoon Bising (Surigae) threatening  Samar, Bicol Region particularly Catanduanes  and other parts  of  the country in general. We need lots of prayers in this hard and trying times.

                                                                                 * * * *

              In response to my request on the staging of the 28th Dinahit Festival 2021,  Pandan Mayor Honesto C. Tabligan II sent us an update of said two-month long celebration– Pre-Dinahit (March) and  Festival Proper (April)—as follows:

  1. 28th Dinahit Festival is doing good and moving slowly. They have had several activities in line with festival such as trade fair and sports fest;
  2. Trade show launched just in time with the “resurrection” of Pandan Public Market;
  3. Inter-agency Badminton championsip held in the afternnon  of event no. 2;
  4. Distribution of bancas and fishing paraphernalia to fisherfolks  to held in the coming days.

             Mayor Olog  further said that more activities have been lined and done virtually in compliance to IATF protocols. According to Municipal Tourism Officer ,Ms. Rochelle I. Bernardo, the DINAHIT FESTIVAL is considered as the oldest festival ever in the Happy Island Province of Catanduanes.

              Kudoz to the organizers of said festival back two decades and eight (8) years ago. Henceforth, I would appreciate it very much if I could be provided a copy of the history and year-to-year  documentations of said event.

              Equally important is the stable existence and unity of the more than one decade  UNITED PANDANANONS SA METRO VIRAC, INC. (UPMVI) duly registered at the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) during the leadership of President Romeo DS. Eusebio.

              FYI, Mr. Rizalino Trinidad, a certified Urban Planner, did the legwork in the SEC-registration through the utmost support of Mr. Meo Eusebio and my behind the scenes insistence, modesty aside.

              Due to the stringent Covid-19 protocols vs social gatherings, the comprehensive and good  programs and activities in the pipelines under incumbent  UPMVI President Cesar I. Icaranom, shall be pushed through when the new normal becomes a better normal. Virtually, the officers are very active and communicating with the general membership through the social media.

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