Wow Mali

It seems that the Chinese ambassador, Ambassador Huang Xilian, frequently visits the beautiful island. What could be his purpose? Maybe later, the 9-dash line will reach the happy island? Hikhikhikhik!

According to some mischievous minds, it appears that the official is conducting exploration in various parts of the country to explore and, of course, to make friends and establish connections? Hikhikhihikhik!

Anyway, for the skeptics, it’s just right to doubt because China has been doing things for a long time, especially during the time of President Duterte, where one hand is extending friendship to the Philippines, and the other hand is engaging in various activities. Hikhikhikhik! While being friendly, their militia in the West Philippine Sea is driving away our fishermen and expanding exploration in our territory. Hikhikhihik!

Good thing Tito Bongbong seems to have found backup in the United States, which is causing jealousy among Chinese officials during the Balikatan and military exercises. Hikhikhikhik! As he approaches China, he is also getting closer to China’s rival, Uncle Sam (US). Hikhikhikhik! China’s plans seem to weaken a bit due to a possible threat from Uncle Sam. Hikhikhikhik!

I must say I admire the way Tito Bongbong is playing with both countries. It’s a good strategy to give everything to China, and if Tito Bongbong follows in the footsteps of President Duterte, it’s possible that we may end up being conquered. Hikhikhikhik!

According to some, it’s not a problem if we become part of China, as the majority of big businesses in the country are already owned by Chinese and Filipinos. Hikhikhihkhik! No wonder in the coming years, we might already be fully under Chinese control. Hikhikhkiik! Oh well, at least Chinese men and women are fair-skinned, flawless, you could say. Hikhikhikhik! The only problem is how we’ll become proficient in speaking the Chinese language. Hikhikhikhik! Conseng gawlo… Hikhikhikhik! It’s just like eating congee. Hikhikhikhik!

If you ask me, the new slogan of the Philippines, “Love the Philippines,” is not very inclusive and heartfelt. It would have been better if they used “I Love the Philippines,” that’s the inclusive slogan. Hikhikhikhik!

If you think about it, the current slogan is a suggestive statement and not personal. Hikhikhikhik! What if they used “I Love the Philippines” instead? When asked about the Philippines after visiting, what would they say? Of course, they would say, “I Love the Philippines.”

Anyway, it seems like the Department of Tourism (DOT) made a bad omen, as it just started, but there’s already a mistake. Hikhikhikhik! However, some say that everyone makes mistakes, so let’s move on and correct the errors together, my fellow readers. Hikhkhikhik!

But if I were the DOT Secretary, she should have taken full responsibility instead of blaming others. She is the face of the DOT, so whatever blunder happened with the campaign, it’s a reflection of her office. You understand? Hikhikhikhik!

Imagine launching a new slogan, “Love the Philippines,” but the videos show views of other countries and not views of the Philippines. Super blunder, my dear Madam Secretary. Perhaps the person who made the video fell short. Hikhikhihikhik! (Mr. Tagulipdan/Bicol Peryodiko weekly Column)