The Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Catanduanes in its effort to facilitate the speedy resolution of the power crisis in the province conducted for the first time, their regular session outside the province.

Based on the information, the session was conducted at the Golden Bay, in Metro Manila, the private restaurant, owned and operated by Governor Cely Wong family.

Many observers are criticizing the said session and asking if the said session is in accordance with the law? The Local government Code of 1991 specifically states that the Sanggunian shall fixed the day, time and place of its regular sessions.

Meaning, it should be specifically provided by its internal rules. “All sanggunian sessions shall be open to the public unless a closed-door session is ordered by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members present, there being a quorum, in the public interest or for reasons of security, decency, or morality”.

Assuming arguendo, that the session was conducted at the Golden Bay restaurant, would it be considered as an open and public place, but how about the audience that may supposed to observe the proceedings?

The public mentioned by the law is jurisdictional. Meaning it should be within the four corners of the province of Catanduanes. If similar session will be allowed at the whims and caprices of our honorable officials, they can do the same wherever they may be, even outside the Philippines. How about the expenses?

The recent session, if conducted purposely to accommodate and hear loudly the investor’s proposals, it is good and proper that those investors should coming over and shell out their money because we are the prospective client, not, the other way around. Something unusual. We want to hear the side of our honorable officials.