It would be safe to assume that the ‘Go Shine Virac’ mantra of Mayor Sammy V. Laynes, which he used as a rallying point during his campaign last May 2016 Ekections and continued today in his initial term as municipal chief executive, has been wholeheartedly supported by the Sangguniang Bayan led by Vice Mayor Arlynn Arcilla, a physician–turned–politician.

With the support of that august body and the collective commitment and cooperation provided by the rank and file in different departments, LGU-Virac had been receiving accolades, awards and praises from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

This sense of cooperation and solidarity had been manifested by the one-month celebration dubbed ‘Kaaldawan nin Virac 2017’ with the theme: Pagkasarao Asin Pagtarabangan Para sa Pag-_Uswag Kan Banwaan.

And who knows! We wouldn’t be surprised if, sooner than later, LGU-Virac becomes a Hall of Famer like our beloved, most cherished province we proudly call Islang Kayganda under the stewardship of Gov. Joseph C. Cua whose credit he acknowledged to the collective commitment and support of all government employees in their respective departments.

The legislative body, through the energetic and forward-looking leadership of VM Arcilla, had come up with their own version—complementary and supplementary—or whatever description one may call it.

VM Arcilla bared this recently conceptualized tourism-oriented mantra dubbed “Vibrant Virac,”in an exclusive on-the-air-interview by SM Ferdz Brizo in our sister outfit, Radyo Peryodiko (96.7 mhz) On-line Bareta segment last Saturday, December 9.

According to her, Vibrant Virac (VV) is a slogan for boosting tourism potentials in the capital town, physically, socially, and economically. That is, physically, in terms of road networks, new hotels that will cater to local and international tourists; socially, in terms of improve frontline sectors like the transport sector with uniform, barangays oriented on tourism and training funded by the DOT; economically, on boosting MSMEs local products, food, and reception.

Kudos to whoever among the members of that august legislatve body came out with that very catchy, dual, good, and rhyming concept—VV—posted on conspicuous strategic places in downtown Virac and elsewhere with varying colors.

We hope and pray that in-the-not-so-distant future, another V would be added to it, aptly dubbed –VVV—for Vibrant Virac’s Victory. It can be done. To borrow the words of FVR: Kaya Natin ‘Yan.