A year after rebuilding their shelters, 75 families who were left homeless after being hit by the Typhoon Nina accepted housing units given by the National Government under Duterte Administration, during the Turn-Over Ceremony held at Relocation Site San Isidro Village, Virac in Monday, March 14.

Funded by the National Government, the program was spearheaded by the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) along with Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) and Local Government Unit of Virac (LGU – Virac), aiming to help the residents of the Relocation Site to rebuild their houses through the Training-Cum-Production (TCP) project.

In his message, TESDA Deputy Director General Alvin S. Feliciano said that TESDA became an instrument in realizing this goal for two main reasons: To rebuild their houses, and to give them sustainable income by teaching them Masonry and Carpentry in which their first project was their houses.

“Ako po ay nagpapasalamat sa siyempre sa mga Local Government niyo: sa Mayor ng Virac, kay Governor at sainyong lahat, dahil nagkatulung-tulong tayo na iparamdam sa mga tao ang serbisyo ng gobyerno,” Feliciano says
The event became uplifting when Governor Joseph Cua, in his speech, assured everyone of his unwavering support for every project that will benefit the informal settlers.

“Kaoomok hilingon na lambang punta ko uya gaasenso ang saindong mga halong. Uya kami sa local na gobierno na handang magtabang saindo,” he said

Moreover, Cua also reiterated the importance of the new scheme of TESDA which aims to enhance the skills of its trainees to attain jobs that will surely help them.
“Yung programa ng TESDA ang nakikita kong pag-asa natin,” Cua says.

Mayor Samuel V. Laynes, who is a part of the initial plan of this program in 2009, talked about how the government needs the cooperation of the families to sustain this housing units in the relocation site.

“We hope na matapos na ang problema ng mga informal settlers. We hope na mataw-an ta sinda nin mga tamang harong, mataw-an nin magkakanigong hanapbuhay,” he said

Congressman Cesar V. Sarmiento, represented by Mr. Gilbert Gualberto, said that he will always make sure that every project in Catanduanes will be funded every budget hearing.

Furthermore, he asks the beneficiaries of the housing units to take care of their new homes and to maintain the peace and order in the Relocation Site.

“Sana mapaunlad ang relocation site na walang gulo,” he added (Gov Office Info Unit)