Ferdz Brizo (FB EYE)
Ferdz Brizo (FB EYE)

The appointment of Senator Sonny Angara as Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd) by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is a commendable decision that could lead to significant improvements within the department. Initially, I expressed concerns about appointing political figures to such a critical educational institution during my program at Radyo Peryodiko. My stance was rooted in the belief that the DepEd should remain free from political influence to ensure its integrity and effectiveness.DepEd Sec. Sonny Angara

However, upon considering Senator Angara’s extensive educational qualifications and his professional background as a lawyer, it became clear that President Marcos’s choice was indeed prudent. Angara’s credentials suggest he possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to address the myriad challenges facing the DepEd.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for Secretary Angara to live up to the expectations of the Filipino people. His leadership will be instrumental in addressing the hopes and concerns of many teachers who seek guidance and support from the right leader. Drawing inspiration from his father’s legacy, there is optimism that Angara will provide the much-needed direction and upliftment within the department.

It is imperative that Secretary Angara avoids the missteps of his predecessor, who mired the DepEd in controversy over the alleged misuse of intelligence funds. This controversy not only distracted from the department’s primary mission but also created redundancies with other agencies like the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

To move forward, it is hoped that Secretary Angara will reduce reliance on external consultants, leveraging his expertise in education and law to implement reforms. His focus should be on enhancing the welfare of educators and improving their performance, aiming to elevate the international standing of Filipino students. By prioritizing these areas, Angara can ensure that the DepEd not only meets domestic standards but also shines on the global stage.

Be that as it may,  while initial reservations about political influence were valid, Senator Angara’s appointment holds promise. His success in this role will depend on his ability to navigate the complexities of the department, avoid past pitfalls, and genuinely improve the education system for the benefit of all Filipinos.