After the love month celebration the next focus of attention by parents and students are the graduation exercises in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels.

            In the elementary level Grade 6 pupils will graduate in April while in the secondary level senior high school students will graduate.  In between these two levels move up to the next higher level.

            It is in the tertiary level where students and parents are very much concerned in as much as it is the culmination of their quest for knowledge and skills so indispensable in this weird, wild, wired world so to speak. It is the temporary cessation of other things to consider, education being considered as a great equalizer.

           Hence, the appropriate term commencement which simply means the beginning of a new challenge, a new endeavor only the fittest– financially, mentally and physically—tread and thrive successfully.

          Graduation is a time of final , if not momentary triumph, over the challenges posed to them by the academe through their mentors and tormentors.  Some , if not majority of the these pupils or students have to enjure bullies in their schools which may include their classmates and probably even their  teachers/instructors/professors.

          In the elementary or secondary levels, depending on the austerity measures  handed down by DepEd leadership, graduating batch usually wear whites dresses as a manifestation of innocence and purity of mind and spirit.

          Be that as it may, congrats then to the moving up and graduating pupils/students for overcoming all the challenges, problems and stumbling blocks. Kudoz to the parents for their guidance, financial, and moral support support and sacrifices as they perform their parental obligations.

          The last, but not the least, we doff our multi-colored hat to the school administrators, faculty members and non-teaching personnel for their respective mandated functions.

           To the highly committed mentors in all levels, keep up the  good work as loco parentis. May your tribe your increase.