“Inspiring”, that is how an article on Facebook described all women this Women’s Month. Aside from this, the tagline for this year’s celebration states that women are WOMEN and not JUST WOMEN.

In addition to these, in spite of what many critics of the Holy Scriptures say, the Bible also supports these ideas, as the book contains many notable examples of strong, inspiring women, above all, if we look back at the Genesis account, particularly, the part focusing on creation, we can see that God created women as a partner – not an inferior creation to man.

               Truly, many notable women in history have proven that they are an integral and essential part in society and can achieve just as much or even more as men can. A glimpse of these can be seen in the households, as we see our very own mothers, titas and lolas become superhuman every day to respond to what the day asks of them.

               For years, due to  some backwards norms in society, women have been set aside or are under the shadow of men, or worse – labeled as weak. It is comforting to see, that one of the many great changes in society is abandoning these norms and seeing women what they truly are – priceless and essential.

               Happy Women’s Month one more to all the amazing women of the world! ( via Jake S. Terrago)