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Dahil malapit na ang holy week, kailangan muna nating magkaroon ng lakas ng loob kung papano pagnilayan ang ating mga kasalanan. Sa nakalipas na mga panahon, marami na tayong napuna sa pamamagitan ng Bicol Peryodiko newspaper weekly at kailangan nating magpreno muna ngayon para paghandaan ang mga araw bilang pakikibahagi ng pagpapakahirap ni Kristo sa Krus. Kaya’t nais kong ibahagi sainyo ang ilang trivia para sa Lenten Season mga Kaperyodiko sa pamamagitan ng


During Lent, many Catholics abstain from certain foods and engage in acts of charity or other spiritual practices. It is a time of reflection and repentance, and many Catholics use the season to confess their sins and seek forgiveness. The season of Lent ends on Easter Sunday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Facts about lent

  1. Lent is a season in the Catholic Church that lasts for 40 days and begins on Ash Wednesday.
  2. The word “Lent” comes from the Old English word “lencten,” which means “spring season.”
  3. The 40 days of Lent represent the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness, according to the Bible.
  4. During Lent, many Catholics observe a period of fasting, prayer, and penance to prepare for Easter.
  5. Fasting during Lent typically involves abstaining from certain foods, such as meat and sweets, and eating simpler or smaller meals.
  6. In addition to fasting, Catholics may also perform acts of charity or engage in other spiritual practices during Lent.
  7. Lent is a time of repentance and reflection, and many Catholics use the season to confess their sins and seek forgiveness.
  8. The color associated with Lent is purple, which symbolizes repentance and preparation.
  9. The traditional Lenten fast was often a total fast, in which people abstained from all food and drink except water.
  10. However, the Catholic Church now permits the consumption of water and other liquids, as well as small amounts of bread and other foods, during the Lenten fast.
  11. The last week of Lent, known as Holy Week, includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.
  12. On Palm Sunday, Catholics celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
  13. Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, when Jesus and his disciples shared a meal before his arrest and crucifixion.
  14. Good Friday is a day of mourning and reflection on Jesus’ death on the cross.
  15. Holy Saturday is the day before Easter, and marks the end of Lent.
  16. Some Catholics observe the traditional Lenten fast more strictly during Holy Week.
  17. Lent is a time of spiritual preparation and renewal, and many Catholics use the season to focus on their relationship with God and their own spiritual growth.
  18. In addition to fasting and prayer, many Catholics also engage in devotional practices during Lent, such as reading the Bible or participating in Lenten retreats.
  19. Some Catholics also choose to give up something else during Lent, such as a favorite food or activity, as a way of making a sacrifice for the sake of their spiritual growth.
  20. The season of Lent ends on Easter Sunday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.