It’s challenging, but it feels fulfilling every time we celebrate the yearly anniversary of the Bicol Peryodiko. The management has made an effort to have a simple but meaningful party to recognize those who have been part of the newspaper’s journey. This also includes the annual gift-giving to provide some assistance, especially to children’s homes.

In every small gathering, it means a lot to us to celebrate the birth of Bicol Peryodiko as a part of Catandunganon community in delivering information. The hard work of the correspondents and contributors who have been a part of this weekly publication is immeasurable. We pray for the continued guidance of the Almighty to give us the courage to continue being one of the news sources in the province.

Seventeen years ago, the idea of establishing this newspaper crossed our minds during a few days of planning and consultation with some friends. We never thought it would become such a significant responsibility later on. Despite numerous challenges, we promised ourselves to continue and fulfill it to the best of our abilities.

As I mentioned, we do not know how long the publication will last, but with your continuous support, we will carry on our mission with the help of the Almighty.

Congratulations to all the members of Bicol Peryodiko!


A significant greeting to our fellow Catanduanes residents. Seventy-eight years ago, Catanduanes transformed from a town in Albay into a full-fledged province. Many thanks to the respected congressmen who advocated for Catanduanes to become a province.

According to our interview with Provincial Tourism and Promotion Officer Carmel Garcia, the two-day celebration from October 25-26 is colorful and filled with joy. It includes the Tinampo parade and the pantomina competition. The event’s highlights also feature the agro and tourism fair, a wreath-laying ceremony at the statue of Congressman Francisco Perfecto, and Governor Joseph Cua’s State of the Province Address.

Congratulations to all Catandunganons. Happy 78th founding anniversary.


The much-awaited campaign period has arrived for our barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) candidates. This is a joyous occasion for those who want to be part of the political process, especially for residents who have long been praying for elections to push through due to various delays.

The three to four years of enduring troublesome officials is too long for those who have suffered due to the abuse of power. This is the time to hold those who have disregarded the welfare of the community accountable for their actions.

In elections, it is the voters who have the final say and decide who deserves their vote. If we make a mistake in our choices, especially in our own barangay, we will have to endure years of hardship before we can elect new officials.

We remind our fellow citizens not to squander this opportunity to learn a valuable lesson, especially for those who have abused their power. There are well-known officials who, once in office, become detached from reality and believe they are above the law.

Let us not be swayed by money, for this is our chance to provide a fresh mandate to vacant barangay positions.