Many are expected to be fortunate in the upcoming Year of the Wood Dragon. This includes yours truly, wishing for a fruitful and blessed new year.

According to our insider, as we enter 2024, the floodgates for the 2025 elections will open, especially in April and May, due to the early filing of the Certificate of Candidacy… hikhikhikhik! Of course, the political atmosphere in the beautiful island will be filled with election blues… hikhikhihik!

Among the prominent names emerging as contenders for congressional post are Virac Mayor Sammy Laynes, CatSU President Patrick Azanza, and another former legislator contemplating a return. According to our insider, these two figures are making waves and are potential rivals for incumbent Congressman Leo Rodriguez. On his Facebook account, Mayor Sammy is reportedly receiving numerous invitations from various occasions and towns in the province. It seems like the mayor is being treated as a governor with the multitude of invitations… hikhkhikhik!

The same observation is made for Dr. Azanza, where many have received Christmas presents even in various places and sectors he visits. Is it true that the whisperings say that 2023 was his last Christmas at Catsu? Hikhikhikhhik! Well, it makes sense since he might resign if he files in October 2024. Indeed, if the elections push through… hikhihikhhik!

Despite this, the president of CatSU has not made a formal pronouncement yet. However, according to our insider, actions speak louder than words… hikhihihkik! Looking at the qualifications of the two potential challengers, strong contenders against Cong Leo, we can say that they are equally formidable, so the incumbent is expected to prepare rigorously to secure his position… hikhikhik!

According to our insider, the legislator is also not lagging behind in visiting many barangays if ever he returns to the province. He allegedly manages to squeeze in invitations despite his busy schedule in Congress to revisit the places he previously visited during the last election. This became his advantage as he reached every nook and cranny of the beautiful island.

All I can say is that the 2025 elections will undoubtedly be super exciting if it becomes a four-cornered or even a three-cornered fight. According to our insider, each camp is making significant preparations, making it a fight of the century – Matira ang Matibay… hikhihikhik. Where do you stand, with, MABILIS, MATANOS, or ALISTO?