Photo by Tourism Office

A Catandunganon is gaining recognition on social media for creating the Bucket Hat. The innovator behind this is Francesca Bernadine Tabian, aiming to assist abaca farmers and further uplift the abaca industry in the province of Catanduanes.

The new product was introduced by a Catandunganon artist, showcasing the trendy ‘bucket hat’ made from abaca paper. According to Tabian, aside from being a fashionable item, it is also considered a sustainable and eco-friendly product. This is because it not only promotes the use of organic materials but also contributes to the livelihood of abaca farmers in the province while reducing abaca fiber waste.

The Catandunganon artist adds that it serves not only as protection from the sun but also from the rain, as abaca paper is naturally water-repellent. For Francesca, the abaca bucket hat is not just a simple hat but a testament to the harmonious relationship between fashion, sustainability, and community support.

It can be purchased through their official Facebook Page, ‘Abacá Finest,’ and in the near future, it will also be available on well-known online shopping platforms in the country. (PBA16/JOBERT CHAVEZ)