President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his praises to all the Local Government Units (LGU) of the Bicol Region for the extra-ordinary effort by providing pre-emptive measures in order to minimize the effect of the recent typhoon in the region.

Upon hearing the power point presentation report from one of the undersecretaries, President Rodrigo Duterte calmly said that, he has the confidence to the local and national agencies in terms of preparations prior to and during the typhoon Tisoy.

Almost all governors in six provinces are present during the visit headed by former senator Chiz Escudero of Sorsogon, Migz Villafuerte of Cam Sur, Al Francis Bichara of Albay and Acting Gov. Shirley Abundo of Catanduanes.

The supposedly calamity based meeting was diverted to a litany of so many issues and concerns around the country. Many of the LCEs are disappointed to the kilometric story of the top honcho rather than the topic on the possible aid particularly to the hardly hit areas.

Nevertheless, the โ€œConsuelo de boboโ€ of the meeting is the accolade from the president regarding the astounding performances despite the physical destruction of typhoon โ€œTisoyโ€ . The said scenario highlighted the best practices of our LGUs in terms of disaster preparedness and pre-emptive evacuation based on the ultimate Zero casualty goal spirit. On the other hand, we are saddened by the report that one of our kababayans perished to Tisoy in the Municipality of Panganiban.

Nonetheless, we admire the resiliency of the Bicolanos. We should always stand on this exceptional routine that will serve as a guiding principle to the rest of our counterparts in other region.

Lastly, more has to be done on this inspiring development, especially since many coastal areas are under  the threat of inundation due to global warming.