With authority and conviction, Scientology religion founder. L. Ron Hubbard, writes “Since time immemorial, people have preached the necessity to live by the tenets of honesty, compassion and decency—that integrity is the only foundation upon which our life itself is built. But no matter how well Man has intuitively known known this, none could point the way to achieve it.”

            Hence, philosophically he asked: “I is it any wonder then, that the very subject of ethics has become either what can one “get away with” or what’s good for oneself alone?”

            “The discoveries, breakthroughs and technology of Scientology provide a new hope for Man. With its use in one’s life,  the long sought goals of spiritual release and freedom can become a reality in the here and now. One can’t live in a world where ethics is a charade and where justice has become of civilization.

              “The breakthrough in Scientology is that we do have the basic technology of Ethics. For the first time Man can learn to put how own ethics in and climb back up the chute. This is a brand-new discovery. Before Scientology it had never before seen the light of day, anywhere. It marks a turning point in the history of philosophy. The individual can learn this technology, learn to apply it to his life and can then put his own ethics in, change conditions and start healing upwards toward survival under his ownsteam,” he concluded. 

              Hubbard then offered a brand-new look, a way for an individual to pull oneself up, for a society to reverse its downward slide, for Man to ascend to the heights of a dreamed –for destiny. For contained in this book—INTRODUCTION TO SCIENTOLOGY ETHICS—are the breakthroughs that bring understanding to the subjects of right and wrong, good and bad, death and survival:

               0 The Basics of Ethics and Justice—and the breakthroughs that untangle these long confused subjects.

               0 Right and Wrong—and how to determine the greatest good for the greatest number.  

               0 The Conditions of Existence from Confusion to Power—and their Formulas for application that are the monitoring formulas  of livingness itself.

               0 The Social and Anti-Social Personalities—and how to detect and remove it in your life.

               0 The Third Party Law revealing the true cause of conflict—and how to detect and remove it in your life.

               0 The Scientology Ethics and Justice Systems—the first system based not on punishment, but on truth and reason.

               Henceforth, Hubbard exhorts us to apply this book to our lives and the gates, he said, will open wide to freedom itself.