The Capitol as part of its anti-COVID-19 measures issued new guidelines regarding Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) and Letters of Exemption (LOEs) in a new memorandum released July 14, Tuesday.

Memorandum No. 0127 s. 2020 outlined more stringent measures to prevent the abuse of the issuance of Letters of Exemption to Catandunganon APORs.

“The LOE is intended only for APORs who failed to secure a travel order from their company or office and intend to travel for personal purposes,” the memo stated.

It added among others, that no LOEs can be issued to APORs within 14 days after the issuance of the most recent LOE, and that applicants must appear personally before the Governor or the Provincial Administrator.

“[M]insan, halos weekly, gapalaribod, gapala-back-and-forth uya sa Catanduanes, na ang exposure ninda [APOR] grabe… Ta nganing ma-check ta ang APOR para igang compliance sa hagad ning local [government] na at least COVID-free sinda,” Emergency Operations Center head Roberto V. Monterola said.

He added that LOEs will only be issued in emergency cases, and APORs who seek exemptions will be interviewed along with their relatives. ( G.O Information Unit |JAMIE ROSE O. INTERIOR)

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