The call from our abaca farmers regarding the continuous increase in abaca fiber prices in the province of Catanduanes persists. According to them, they hope that the annual Abaca Festival would become meaningful since the price hike is one of their dreams to cope with life’s hardships.

Some mayors have already requested this, but according to PhilFida and other agencies, the price in Catanduanes is affected by international demand.

However, the abaca farmers argue that it is the responsibility of the authorities to find a solution to uplift their farmers rather than solely relying on assistance, which may not be consistent.

Sulong abaca, abante presyo!

The ongoing on and off electricity situation in the province of Catanduanes is frustrating the residents. According to them, FICELCO and electricity suppliers should have prepared contingency measures before the summer season, as they know it is coming.

They believe that no excuses should be given, and measures should be taken to avoid any lives being compromised due to the heat. Blame games have no place in this situation because those in power should find ways to ensure a stable electricity supply on this beautiful island; otherwise, they should look for other suppliers instead of giving false hopes.

In reality, the summer season should be advantageous for suweco because they play a significant role in ensuring a stable electricity supply. They are paid for every meter reading, and it is their business to supply electricity through their generators.

Some people’s reaction is right, and there should be more options for suppliers to prevent frequent brownouts, which have become more frequent daily in some municipalities.
Bawas brownout Ficelco, Suweco Alisto!

SP members have given action to the alleged continuous increase in the price of pork, entrusting it to the eleven mayors.

Some organizations wonder why the price is high in the market when it is cheaper at the farm gate.

Perhaps there are groups manipulating prices despite a good supply on the island. The reality should be taken into account, and not just based on one group’s report. It would be better if some directly involved in the business are also invited.

The mayors should also focus on their revenue ordinances to hold accountable those behind the exploitation of pork prices on this beautiful island. If there are ordinances covering such prices, the mayors have the right to call out those manipulating the price. This requires political will and not political accommodations.

Babay Mababang presyo ng Baboy!

(FB EYE /Ferdie M. Brizo/WeeklyPeryodiko/column)