It seems that former Vice Mayor Bingbong Cabrera has forgotten about politics… hikhikhjihik! According to our informant, the former feisty vice mayor who used to be a rival of the Mayor of Panganiban seems to have found solace in CatSU (Catanduanes State University).

In my opinion, his decision is a good one. In politics, you are constantly bombarded by people asking for favors, but in CatSU, you can earn without emptying your pockets… hikhikhihik!

Or perhaps, while waiting for the next election, he is temporarily staying at CatSU and if offered another chance, he might make a comeback again. He was a politician for a long time, and maybe he wants to make it up to his family who often sacrifices due to politics.

That’s why I prefer not to enter politics; I want politics to come to me… hikhikhihihik!


According to the CatSU administration, the affiliation of students with hospitals in Metro Manila will become optional. This move has already been questioned because it may incur additional expenses for parents just to witness and experience the large hospitals… hikhikhikhik!

In my opinion, this affiliation would have been beneficial because the equipment in the hospitals in Manila is more sophisticated than on our beautiful island… hikhihihik! Just being able to touch a post or a bed in big hospitals can be a significant experience, especially since motivation plays a crucial role in achieving one’s goals in life.

Some argue that hospitals in Manila can also be seen through the internet to observe the students’ internship. However, if this campaign could greatly help as a learning experience for students, it would be a good initiative.


Tatay Digong is making headlines again recently, this time regarding the issue of drugs in the country. According to the elderly lover of PI (Philippine Independent), if he were to be asked, the military should take over the police’s work because many members of the PNP are involved in drugs?

Is Tatay Digong daydreaming while awake? Hikhihikhik! He is the one who nurtured the “lispu” (referring to the President’s regional accent) across the country, leading to the rise of some of them. Currently, there are around 50 generals allegedly tainted with drugs, and they are set to be reassigned… hikhikhihik!

While in the past, the former president taught how to become killers in his “lispu,” now he seems to be flip-flopping. It appears that the previous administration used his power to take revenge on his political rivals and critics… hikhikhikhik!

Abalos seems to have some “K” (referring to political connections), but Tatay Digong seems to have become nothing more than a gossip-monger and hasn’t taken down any major drug lords… hikhikhikhik! He only went after the small ones and implicated De Lima in drugs, but now her accusations have been dismissed… hikhikhihik!

Mabalos Abalos, because of you, the shortcomings in the drug campaign in the beautiful Philippines have been exposed.