A resounding applause to all graduates, particularly to college students who worked hard and persevered through challenges to achieve success. In just a few steps more, you will undoubtedly reach the success of obtaining a job or starting a business in your chosen profession as payback for those who supported you in your student journey.

At Catanduanes State University, approximately 2,000 students graduated in their respective courses, not counting the graduates from Catanduanes College and CPIC. Surely, many will need employment opportunities in this beautiful island. Hopefully, the Provincial Employment Office, DOLE, and other agencies have special programs to address the graduates’ needs; otherwise, they will welcome the world of unemployment.

Furthermore, for some of you, another challenge to overcome is the board examinations, which will serve as a gateway for immediate access to jobs. While others may proceed directly to work and already have positions lined up even before receiving their diplomas.

One of the techniques to secure stable employment is to engage in volunteer work, no matter how small, to gain preliminary experience in life. It is challenging to dream of high aspirations without having a solid foundation in your abilities. It is better to start with small things to become proficient, especially in basic knowledge.

Do not expect to immediately receive a high salary; the key is to gain experience. A higher salary will seek you out if you possess extraordinary skills and talents.

Meanwhile, one of the most important things to remember for success in a job is oneself. Be a law-abiding employee, be humble, and, above all, have good manners and right conduct. No matter how skilled a person is, if they have an attitude problem, they are unlikely to succeed and endure in their chosen field. Be honest, be a good follower, and most importantly, show gratitude to mentors.

Congratulations Batch 2023! Fly high!


Department of Tourism Secretary Prasmo is likely in deep thought, which is why she has temporarily taken a leave of absence from her office after the controversy regarding the copyrighted issue in the launching of “Love the Philippines.” It would be better for Sec. Prasmo to come up with a new strategy on how to turn the super negative impact of the wow mali launching of “Love the Philippines” into a positive one, promoting places within the country itself. Where is the love for the Philippines if you prefer showcasing other destinations in other countries rather than your own place?

This is called command responsibility; the secretary cannot shrug off the blame and pass it to the advertising agency she hired. If she admitted it was a lapse of judgment and apologized, she should move on now. However, the official seems to be washing his hands off the controversy. She should say, “I am Sorry!”

For me, the slogan is not the sole basis for making a place tourism-friendly. At the end of the day, what foreign tourists look for are the value, beauty, and attractiveness of a tourist destination. Branding is part of marketing strategy, but it cannot be relied upon all the time. When foreign tourists visit, the slogan is not the primary basis; rather, they look at safety, cleanliness, friendliness, and the beauty of the place.

Foreign tourists, even without a slogan, conduct thorough research on where to go. Having a great slogan means nothing if there are no facilities, security is not ensured, and the place is not inviting. What is essential is to prepare the area first before promoting it. If logos and slogans are discussed, the DOT should have an in-house think tank rather than outsiders who know nothing about the specific place. Why spend 250M on rebranding when the current employees of DOT are more skilled than outsiders?


If it pushes through, the idea of the CatsU administration to construct a coliseum is excellent. Aside from being income-generating, having a large activity area in Catanduanes would be beneficial, especially for hosting major events like national conferences, concerts, PBA basketball tours, and other national activities on this beautiful island. (FB EYE/Ferdie Brizo/Weekly/BicolPeryodiko)