San Andres, Catanduanes – With the deployment of three (3) LTO Deputized personnel, the San Andres Municipal Police Station has intensified checkpoint operations in strategic areas.

Currently, a total of thirty-nine (39) Temporary Operator’s Permits (TOPs) have been issued to traffic violators, wherein nineteen (19) licenses have been impounded, eighteen (18) licenses confiscated, and two (2) plates seized.

These actions stem from the regular implementation of PNP Checkpoints and OPLAN SITA by the police force under the leadership of Chief of Police Emsol E. Icawat.

Our police have long been reminding our fellow citizens to be disciplined on the road and to adhere to the implemented traffic laws for their own protection and to prevent accidents or road-related issues, Chief of Police Icawat explained.

Despite this, many violations continue to be observed, with the common offense being the failure to wear a helmet, which has contributed to twenty-four (24) traffic incidents from January to present, including three (3) fatalities.

In connection to this, the police continue to urge the public to take traffic laws seriously. Maintain self-discipline and a calm mindset, and do not let road use be guided by anger. (San Andres MPS)