By: Mr. Tagulipdan

Residents who aspire to take center stage in the barangay and SK elections this October 2023 are now brimming with enthusiasm. The filing period for candidacy was set from August 28 to September 2, and the exciting part has begun in every corner of the barangay. According to our sources, many are sporting smiling faces, and many are donning their campaign attire to show they are ready to hit the ground running as soon as they file their candidacy.

However, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) reminds candidates that there is a designated campaign period starting on October 19. So, those who file their candidacies this week shouldn’t rush to spend too much money because there will be a proper time for campaigning to share their blessings.

It brings to mind the first vote-buying conviction in a barangay election, which was recorded in the town of Bato. Will this be repeated in the upcoming election? The Comelec personnel shouldn’t just wait for reports; they should be proactive. If they truly want to eliminate vote-buying, they should start at the barangay level because the stakes are higher here. There are projections that suggest each voter could receive up to five thousand pesos for their vote, especially for the positions of barangay captain and SK chairman. The question is, where will they recover these expenses if they win? Nevertheless, there are perks at the barangay level, especially during national elections when barangay captains become prime targets for candidates. Besides that, when it comes to project approvals, particularly those with significant budgets, contractors often offer “incentives.” Moreover, they also have sponsors because, during elections, they become the special runners for the big bosses. Oh, dear, it seems like the situation regarding vote-buying in barangay elections is worsening.

Fresh Issue Emerges at DepEd with “Tita Inday”

Not long after the controversy surrounding the confidential fund, a new issue has emerged involving “Tita Inday” at the Department of Education (DepEd).

Last week, based on her issued directive, “Tita Inday” expressed her disapproval of items affixed to the walls of classrooms. She believes that it should be neat and free of eyesores to prevent students from getting sore eyes.

Because of this, some are questioning the judgment of those surrounding “Tita Inday.” Could they be from another planet? Even in elementary schools, removing posters that serve as valuable teaching aids for students is a questionable move. Maybe the advisers are from the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), who dislike politicians’ tarps on their projects. If they are from DepEd, they should know the importance of classroom decorations in enhancing the learning environment.

Public school teachers often spend from their own pockets to make students’ learning experience colorful and enriching through classroom decorations. While they used to put double effort into decorating, now it seems they are left with minimal options.