I’m slowly beginning to appreciate Tito Bongbong’s toughness. His strong words in front of Asian leaders last week, where he emphasized China’s respect for the arbitral ruling in favor of the Philippines regarding the disputed territories in the West Philippine Sea, garnered support from some countries. China also responded. While in the past, with Tatang Digong, we often saw a cautious approach to the West Philippine Sea issue, almost giving away the disputed areas, Tito Bongbong seems to be taking a different stance. At least we can see that he’s willing to stand up, unlike the previous administration that seemed to have sold us to China… hikhikhikhik!

The question is, will Tito Bongbong remain steadfast in his support for the Arbitral Ruling? Hikhikhikhik! Or is this just a beginning because he senses that the Filipino people are in favor of this issue, so he’s going along with it? We’ll keep an eye on that in the coming chapters. That remains to be seen.


Tarpaulin printing is now in high demand due to the upcoming SK (Youth Council) and Barangay elections. According to our insiders, newcomers who want to unseat the incumbent officials who didn’t perform well in their roles seem to be very excited. Some incumbents are getting nervous because their challengers appear to be more popular this time around… hikhikhihik!

The situation is that some candidates are already being overwhelmed by requests for campaign funds from supporters. It seems that since they filed their candidacy, they’re giving away money every day… hikhikhikhik! Here’s a piece of advice for the soon-to-be honorable candidates: take it easy because you might run out of resources at the last minute… hikhihkihik! You might forget that those who excel in strategy are the ones who usually take over… hikhikhihik!


There are rumors that President Patrick Azanza might enter politics in 2025. However, some say it’s just a ploy by those close to the president to see if there’s a chance for a high position… hikhikhikhikhik! According to our insiders, if he doesn’t run for governor, he might consider running for congress, provided he gets the green light from his sponsor… hikhikhihkik!

If this materializes, there will be a third force in the noisy arena, and Yorme Sammy Laynes might also rise to the occasion. What would incumbent congressman Leo Rodriguez have to say about this? According to his supporters, those who want to take his position won’t be able to control it, but the official says, “may the best man win”… hikhihihik!

According to some analysts, it might be too early for Pres. Pat to enter politics, considering his significant responsibilities at CatSU. He could also serve as president for three terms if he wishes, as he seems to be quite productive in his current role.

In my opinion, he is more than qualified for the position, given his extensive experience and knowledge, which would not only benefit the island but also contribute to legislation and deliberations in Congress. However, if he can wait until 2028, it would be even better because he’s made significant strides at CatSU… hikhikhihik!