Penafrancia in Naga CityDevotees join the fluvial procession procession of Our Lady of Penafrancia in Naga City on Saturday. The fluvial procession, centered around the image of the Virgin Mar,y is an annual tradition in the province joined by thousands of people who come from different parts of the country. Angie De Silva for

The impact of religious activities and devotion on the behavior of the citizens is significant. If the influence of religious personalities and religious activities on the people is substantial, it greatly affects how people interact with one another.

We salute the dedication and vocation of religious individuals because they provide hope to those in times of distress and weakness. In some places, the effects of residents’ religiosity can be seen; there is less chaos, people are kind, and you can feel the hospitality of the residents, making you feel secure even through the night.

A good example is Naga City, where devotion to Our Lady of Peñafrancia is strong. This fervor can be felt in the area, and the residents exhibit good manners. When pedestrians cross the street, they are given priority, unlike in other places where you may wait a long time for vehicles to stop for you.

Even in the simple act of giving change by tricycle drivers, the drivers in Naga City are honest. They don’t shortchange passengers, even by a centavo.

Likely, frontliners internalize their religious aspect and carry it into their interactions with visitors. Many thanks to the intervention of Our Lady of Peñafrancia.

Hopefully, other places, like Catanduanes, will also exhibit the kindness of its “happy islanders.” Except for a few, many tricycle drivers on the island, especially in Virac, are friendly. However, some seem to want to become “one-day millionaires.”

It would be better if we don’t take advantage of passengers to improve our livelihoods. Tricycle drivers are among the frontliners of the island. They are the first people visitors encounter on the island and in Virac. It would be great if they received values formation or seminars on the religious aspect to become excellent hosts and frontliners for the island.