By: Ferdie M. Brizo

The solution to the rice shortage in the country lies with our officials themselves. They are often the cause of the country’s problems due to their lack of empathy for our fellow countrymen.

Take, for instance, the confidential funds of some of our elected officials. They could have used these funds, for the country’s problems.

For example, the President’s Contingent Fund, which amounts to 13 billion pesos, and the Vice President’s 600 million confidential fund. Despite the suffering of our citizens due to the shortage of basic commodities like rice, they still aspire to exploit the national treasury for their personal ambitions.

It would have been better if these budgets were used to provide aid to farmers, to develop agriculture and upgrade farming systems through irrigation and providing basic needs for farming to boost production.

There should be sympathy and empathy for the hardships our citizens are facing today from our officials.

Our government has its own structure for handling the problems of the nation, but why do some elected officials insist on working independently and duplicating efforts?

Take the case of Vice President Sara Duterte, who engages in various activities aside from her delegated role. The vice president is supposed to serve as a spare tire for the president in case of incapacity to perform, or in the meantime, she should relax and take it easy.

However, if she has been delegated to a specific position, that should be her primary focus. Engaging in other tasks is a duplication of the work of other departments like DSWD and DOLE, as she also has TUPAD and oversees relief goods distribution.

The vice president has been delegated as DepEd Secretary, but she still engages in other activities when she should be fully committed to her job. She should focus on improving the Department of Education’s management, and if she succeeds, her dreams of becoming president will likely come true.

However, if she continues to engage in other activities, the results may be fragmented. She should concentrate on the Department of Education and engage in proper consultations to ensure that the correct system is implemented, and the rest will follow.