The local government of Catanduanes, together with the Provincial Board, successfully avoided a looming head-on collision this Christmas after making a U-turn on their mining ordinance.

The decision brought together various sectors opposing the Provincial Board’s measures allowing coal mining in the province despite legal infirmities.

According to reliable sources, if the LGU and the Provincial Board had pushed through with the mining ordinance, a massive protest was expected as Christmas approached.

The implementation would have dealt a significant blow to the political careers of the Cua brothers and the Provincial Board members who favored the proposal, as they would have faced denunciation by sectors opposing mining.

The Diocese emphasized the substantial environmental impact of mining, aside from the inherent dangers, especially considering Catanduanes is prone to typhoons, and mining could potentially exacerbate flooding due to excavation in the highlands.

Now that the Provincial Board has reversed its decision, those who opposed their actions may find relief. The Board’s step back is not a humiliation but a fulfillment of their mandate to heed the voice of the public rather than their personal whims.

As the saying goes, the welfare of the citizens takes precedence over personal interests. Elected by the people, the Provincial Board and the local government are the representatives entrusted to fulfill what is deemed appropriate for the greater good.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!