Despite the hardships, challenges, and storms in our lives over the past year, let us continue to maintain a positive outlook on the future. Whatever difficulties 2023 may bring, let us remember that God designs our experiences to endure bitter things for future advantage. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher; all things happen for a reason.

Many of us face instability in our economic life, religious life, social status, and other aspects of life, but it does not mean that the Almighty is neglecting us. This Christmas, we are reminded that the Lord is always present. Some of the things we have not yet obtained or have not been given to us will be revealed later because there are still other tasks assigned to us.

In every downfall and mistake, all of these are part of the design of the Lord that we need to reflect on because His love can only be attained when we accept Him wholly into our lives.

This Christmas, no gift can equate to love. No matter how big or numerous the gifts you receive this Christmas, they cannot match the true gift centered on genuine love as a family. Christmas symbolizes forgiveness and seeking forgiveness. Let our minds be open to forgiveness and prayer for those who have wronged us instead of condemning them.

According to scripture, the church is not just a convent for the holy, but it is also a hospital for sinners.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mga Kaperyodiko!