It seems that the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board) played a role reminiscent of an Eat Bulaga segment when they withdrew the Mining Ordinance, causing a stir among the island residents.

On Radyo Peryodiko, listeners heard perspectives from Mr. Jerry Beo and Mr. Andy Po of Kontra Mina, Vice Gov. Peter Cua of SP, former Congressman Cesar Sarmiento, one of the authors of the expanded protected areas, the church through an open letter from Bishop Delos Santos, Vice Mayor Arvin Atencia, and various pros and cons mining personalities.

Listening to the radio, residents gained an understanding of whose side to believe. In the court of public opinion, it’s only fair to listen to both sides.

As a result, it seems that relevant authorities found their voice, considering the sentiments of Catandunganons on social media and mainstream media.

The question is, did the SP lose or win in this situation? In my opinion, both… hikhikhik! They did the right thing by withdrawing the ordinance early on because the pressure from stakeholders could have increased, especially as the church expressed opposition.

This doesn’t mean they’re retreating or surrendering. They simply listened to the public pulse because if they remained steadfast against public sentiment, it could be seen as political maneuvering… hikhikhik. Their saving grace is the change in stance, which will undoubtedly be used by their political adversaries… hikhihihik!

However, some believe that the SP’s approval of the ordinance was rushed and seemed limited to those who attended their hearing before approval. Did they consider potential legal infirmities? The DENR and SB Panganiban also raised objections, questioning why they were not invited despite their involvement in the matter.

Remember, the people put them there through the highest form of people power, so they should genuinely listen to the pulse of the people. This is the beauty of social media because everyone can freely express their opinions, directly read by those concerned.

Many say that the Provincial Board Members (PBMs) are now in a tight spot, and others even jokingly refer to them as Provincial Board Mining (PBM)… hikhikhikhik! It rhymes with the issue, and my question is, who among the PBMs first withdrew their support, causing a stir among the others? Hikhikhikhik!

This came after the fight and withdrawal on the issue… hikhikhihik! This may be a dent in their popularity, but the election is still far away for them to be remembered, right? Hikhihikhik! What matters is that their withdrawal considered the public’s interest. I just don’t believe the reasoning that it seems there are no other means of livelihood for Catandunganons other than coal extraction?

There are many options; it’s just a matter of perspective… hikhikhihik! See you, fellow Kaperyodiko!