Aside from the serious shabu-related cases (events) and EJK and related killings with impunity in our province, the challenging problematic problem of power supply shortage is a pressing one that should be given utmost attention and solution concerned authorities.

Sufficient power supply is one of our basic needs in this information-driven world. Absence or its insufficiency of power is, indeed, anathema to socio-economic development. The late ambassador and governor Leandro I. Verceles Sr. did his best to democratize the availability of power supply throughout the 11 municipalities.

Much has yet to be done to solve the pestering power interruptions provincewide, the main victims of which are resident-consumers, businessmen in the northern part of Catanduanes.

It would be a waste of efforts, energy and time to dwell on blaming one another. With the rejection of CPGIโ€™s extension lodged in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, one lesson was delivered by that SP as related to me in a short conversation with a knowledgeable , reliable personality in that august budy: โ€œone cannot extend authority or power to an IPP with an already expired contractโ€.

Several quarters have questioned as well the capability and or qualification of SUWECO as IPP entity. Which is which then? The most imperative thing for concerned authorities is to scout for another IPP entity interested to invest in Catanduanes. An IPP company whose credentials and/or track records and capabilities are beyond question.

The question then boils down to: Are there IPP entities capable and courageous to counter pressures by some high-handed politicians and personalities whose coconut shells are preoccupied with โ€˜kanadian and koriyanโ€™ baggage and orientations?

Be that as it may, we hope and pray that this power issues besetting FICELCO would be given due solution with dispatch by higher authorities. The opportunities and reasons are both challenging and demanding as we focus on tourism as one of the growth opportunities we can tap and develop.

Some of our educated, highly-skilled young men and women are available and willing to contribute towards socio-economic development of our green, happy, island province. Our elected leaders and policy-makers should widen their visions, probably go out of the box or in the words of Mike Enriquez should go out of the building whatever that means.