By the time our crusading newspaper hits the streets or reaches the hands of our precious readers, the Philippine Statistics Auhority (PSA) must have started conducting its 2020 “Census of Population and Housing (CPH).

          The 2020 CPH, the country’s 15th census of population and the 7th census of housing, aims to provide government planners, and adminsitrators with data on which to base their social and economic development plans and programs.

          This is supposed to be conducted earlier in May to June 2020 but the series of COVID-19-related lockdowns, with its attendant restrictions and socio-economic and political repercussions led to its postponement.

           Hence, racing against remaining time in 2020, the CPH started last September 1-30 or who knows until October 2020.

           No less than Dr. Claire Dennis S. Mapa, Usec, National Statistician and Civil Registrar General, emphasized the need for the preparation of the Enumerator’s Manual to serve as guide/reference in carrying out properly various mapping, listing, and interviewing tasks.

           “It contains the instructions and procedures in filling out the various census questionnaire/forms and maps, and the detailed discussions on concepts and operational definitions used in the census. It also provides solutions to some common problems that may be encountered during the conduct of the fieldwork,”Dr. Mapa said.

           “Familiarization with the concepts, procedures, and instructions discussed in this manual will enable the enumerator (EN) to become fully prepared in carrying out their tasks,” she added.

          Dr. Mapa emphasized the important role of an EN in ensuring the good quality and timely release of census data amid the menace brought about by this COVID-19 pandemic.

           “It is their responsibility to collect accurate and reliable information, following the instructions laid out in this manual and the one week orientation-training they undergone.”

           Finally, with a sense of conviction and positivism, Usec Mapa said: “The significance of the EN’s work in this nationwide undertaking is hoped to inspire them to perform the tasks assigned with utmost dedication.”

           So, here we are, fellow Catandunganons. Please welcome this ENs to your home. Spare your precious time with them, amid your family concerns and work. Please make it easier for them to gather population and housing so imperative in the New Normal.   

            In other words, for the entire four (4) casuals at the provincial capitol have reasons to worry and experience blue Christmas now that the BER months is in the air.