During times of crisis like this coronavirus pandemic, government employees, want to be reassured of steady income, security of tenure, protection and safety against afflictions like COVID-19.

          Except of course for job order employees who are subject to termination any time especially during the fourth quarter of the outgoing year for austerity measures.  Nagtitipid kuno.

          However, through Memorandum 0176, s. 2020 issued on August 27, 2020, Governor Joseph C. Cua announced: “In the best interest of the government  and in order to effect austerity measures, all job order employees charged to the funds of all offices in this government  except that of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan and the Office of the Vice-Governor, are hereby terminated effective at close of office hours on Friday, August 28, 2020.”

           Said memo directed all concerned to inform all job order employees vis-à-vis their termination. Accordingly, the GO-Human Resource Management and Development Division (HRMDD) is directed to monitor and ensure strict adherence thereto.    

           With this termination, said job order employees anxieties and worries have doubled, if not tripled. They would have to look for other jobs or sources of income in the last four (4) months –the “BER” months which supposed to bring good tidings and hope for mankind.

          OMG! Nahihirapan nga sila tuwing nade-delayed ang suweldo, ngayon pang terminated na sila? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! How saklap naman.

           Nevertheless, the austerity clause justified it all. Only that it was issued in this hard and trying times. Hard and untimely decision, indeed.

           Be that as it may, let’s hope and pray that these affected job order employees find other means to provide for their family’s basic needs in this hard and trying times.

            Fear not! Worry not! God in His Loving and Merciful Attributes will not abandon nor forsake us.

            Behind the clouds the sun is still shining. Remember that.