As former District Deputy (FDD), V-04, of the Knights of Columbus (KC) from 1989-90; 1990-1991 in Catanduanes, may I join the incumbent DDs—DD SK Jojo M. Sorra (V-04) and DD SK Gregorio Sarmiento Jr. (V-05) and respective KC Council officers and members— in extending our condolences and deepest sympathies to the bereaved family and the diocesan clergy.

         FYI, the Most Rev. Bishop Jose C. Sorra was our former KC Chaplain in the early 80s, if I’m not mistaken. Today, as in the past, it is customary and traditional, in fact, a matter of policy for the Knightsof Columbus to choose a prelate or in rare instance, a parish priest, as our chaplain.

         Officially, a newly elected district deputy (DD) seeks the endorsement of the bishop before hisappointment is approved by the Luzon Deputy and duly recognized by the Supreme Council based inNew Haven, Connecticut, USA.

         In “Solidarity with the Priest”mantra, espoused by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbusmore than a decade ago worldwide, we encourage our fellow brother knights to pray for his eternalrepose and join the religious activities prepared by the Diocese of Virac led by Most Rev. Bishop Manolo

A. delos Santos, our incumbent Chaplain and fellow Brother Knight.

                                                                                      * * * *

           The municipality of Pandan  is relatively covid-19 pandemic- free and African Swine Fever-free.(ASF).  However, that good news was spoiled by the- not-so-problematic flood which hounded the residents from Barangay Napo, one of the four barangays that composed the población, namely: Pandan

del Norte, Del Sur, Libod and Napo. Residents in Barangay Napo, one of the  barangays in the poblaciónin Pandan, Catanduanes, were alarmed and inconvenienced by a flashflood caused by the Pandan River who spilled over the river flood control dike recently due to heavy rains the other week.

           This flashflood was brought to our attention by co-Pandananon, CSHCI Vocational AdministratorElpidio Tuboro after his TESDA short-term skills training promotional interview with Radyo Peryodiko

the other week, . In a pow-wow during the breakfast he hosted after the one hour program interview,he was informed by Barangay Napo PB Dr. Freding Santelices who told him of such flashflood which reached up to the residence of former Mayor Josefina E. Santelices. The flood is alarming for at least two

reasons: (1)The Pandan Emergency District Hospital is located in that barangay; and (2) it may led to the emergence of dengue cases or leptospirosis if not attended to with dispatch.

              In a text message I sent to him that day, Mayor Honesto “Olog” C. Tabligan II immediately responded: “ Good evening. Your inquiry, baha issue. Ikan pano tabi ning about syempre sa volume ning tubig asin yong outfall ning tubig. Pig resolve initially ni doc  (PB Freding) and engineering department

and we have done some minor infra works. Temporary solution pa lang po it. Hopefully, once mag ok na rin (din) yong temporary solution, eh, mai mag baha by then.”

             Pressed for that temporary solution, Mayor Olog said   the “rehab of existing damaged drainage and opening of some minor outfall”. “The permanent solution po eh, yong master drainage plan for Pandan town proper with pumping station,” he said.