Passion Of Jesus Christ - Hammer And Bloody Nails And Crown Of Thorns On Arid Ground With Defocused Background

In the Season of Lent it would be spiritually appropriate and compelling for Christians, worth his light and salt, to focus on reading the Book of Books, to wit: “May I never boast except in the cross of Lord Jesus Christ.”Galatians 6:14.   

Accordingly, The Hollywood Hills Cross is one of the most recognizable images in the US is the “HOLLYWOOD” sign on Southern California. People from all over the globe come to “Tinseltown” to gaze at cement footprints of stars and perhaps catch a glimpse of celebrities who might pass by. It’s hard for these visitors to miss the sign anchored in the hills nearby.

“Less well known in the Hollywood hills is another easily recognized symbol—one with eternal significance. Known as the Hollywood Pilgrimage Memorial Monument, this 32-foot cross placed there in memory of Christine Wetherill Stevenson, a wealthy heiress who in the 1920s established Pilgrimage Theatre (now the John Ford Theatre). The site served as the venue for The Pilgrimage Play, a drama about Christ.”

“The two icons showcase an interesting contrast. Movies good and bad will come and go. This entertainment value, artistic contributions, and relevance are temporary at best,” Our Daily Bread publication added. 

“The cross, however, reminds us of a drama eternal in scope. The work of Christ is a story of the loving God who pursues us and invites us to accept his offer of complete forgiveness. The high drama of Jesus’s

Death and has an eternal impact for all of us. The cross will never lose its meaning and power.”

Henceforth, “to know the meaning of the cross, you (we) must know the One who died.” (Source: Our Daily Bread, Annual Edition, Vol. 24).