The proposal for the inclusion of voter’s education in the college curriculum is worth considering. The move, according to some advocates, will not only educate students about the electoral process as they prepare to vote for the first time, but also about the importance of making informed choices.

The youth may even have suggestions to improve the electoral process and prevent the many problems that bedevil Philippine elections.

It is said that people get the government they deserve. This starts with making informed choices during elections. Filipinos have to stop sending lazy, incompetent and corrupt people to public office.

Informed and vigilant voters can help prevent vote-buying, cheating, violations of campaign fund regulations and the many other practices that undermine elections. People power in a democracy is manifested through the vote. This power must be wielded wisely if Filipinos want democracy to work.

Vigilant voters can compel transparency among candidates in connection with their campaign donors and expenditures. Politicians have resisted all attempts to pass a comprehensive campaign finance law. Any administration that is focused on fighting corruption, however, should give priority to regulating campaign finance.

The seeds of corrupt deals are often planted during election campaigns, with donors cashing in their chips when their candidates win. Young voters may have suggestions on how the public can identify campaign donors who want to stay in the shadows.

An informed electorate is a crucial component in fighting corruption and improving governance. Creating this kind of electorate is best started in school. Voting is an important part of responsible citizenship. Youths must be sufficiently prepared to exercise their right of suffrage properly.