We would like to inform the followers and subscribers of Bicol Peryodikotv that currently, we have no control over the postings as it was hacked in October 2022.

We kindly request you to report any nudity-related posts on Facebook as well as โ€œmy dayโ€ posting to help us put a stop to their indecent activities.

There is an icon on Facebook that shows how to report such content to assist us in stopping the hacker’s actions.

We are continuously reporting this issue to Facebook, but until now, no action has been taken. If there are experts who can help us regain control of Bicol Peryodikotv, please reach out to us through Messenger at 87.9 Radyo Peryodiko Catanduanes or at the number 0933-817745.

For those who wish to follow our news and activities at Bicol Peryodiko, you can subscribe to or follow Radyo Peryodiko Catanduanes and www.bicolperyodiko.com

We appreciate your understanding. Thank you very much. From: BP Management