The Sangguniang Bayan of Virac is in the midst of coming out with an ordinance vis-avis the rental rate per square of stall at the newly rehabilitated Virac Supermarket.

        As expected, its more than 50% increase from P10.00 to 21.00 per square meter rate had met strong opposition from the multi-sector vendors group especially now that the covid-19 pandemic have yet to be contained.

        Its public hearing conducted couple of weeks ago at Plaza Rizal Covered, attended by all stakeholders, is just one of the processes to come out with a win-win situation.

        Councilor Rosie P. Olarte, in her capacity as chairperson of the Committee on Market, proposed the said measure. Hence, the public hearing announcement and distribution of letter invitation by the Committee on Public Information chaired by Councilor Juan Paolo G. Sales.  

        The full participation of all stakeholders is therefore imperative to avoid complaints and delay to hasten the approval of said measure which is necessary as one of the components for the socio-economic recovery of Virac as the center of commerce and industry.

        Although it’s a matter of public service, LGU-Virac is constrained to propose a viable rental rate in view of its loan amortization in the tune of more than 1M plus per quarter now that the grace period of three years is about to end. 

         Nevertheless, let’s hope and pray that the Sangguniang Bayan, in consultation with and/or decision by the Local Finance Committee, will come out with a reasonable rate based on compromised agreement.

        In short, the consumers, as one of the stakeholders, the vendors and LGU-Virac expect a rental rate that is favorable to all.  That is, a win-win situation would be highly appreciated, sooner the better.