The World Health Executive said that the Delta variant is becoming dominant. Hence, the need to prevent the entry of this variant in the country while vaccination from A-1 to A-4 have yet to be completed due to lack of vaccines and reluctance of some Filipinos to get vaccinated for varying reasons.

             Surge of positive cases in the province particularly in the southern part particularly in the south—Virac, San Andres, San Miguel, Bato and northern part such as Bagamanoc, Caramoran and Viga prompted the Catanduanes Medical Society, Committee on Covid-19 Response (CMS-CCR) to recommend the classification of Catanduanes from GCQ to ECQ status for 2-4 weeks.

              Dr. Geraldine Balmadrid-Rojas, President of Catanduanes Medical Society said their organization was prompted to recommend such measure to the provincial government through Gov. Joseph C. Cua to curb the alarming spike of covid-19 cases they observed as locally transmitted already especially in the capital town of Virac—reportedly, the epicenter since March 2020.

               According to her, three referral hospitals which she did not specifically mentioned, should be fully used, adding that with 50-80% bed for covid -19 cases, some of these are on full capacity use.  Moreover, the increasing infection rate on healthworkers which have undermanned these hospitals caused them to sound the alarm.

              Truly, said letter of recommendation sent to the governor’s office is CMS’ utmost manifestation of concern for the communities as medical practitioners and, in solidarity with the common tao, the management and staff of this print and broadcast outfit doff our multi-colored hats to your concern.

              May this recommendation sent by the CMS-CCR be given utmost attention and/or favorable consideration by the provincial executive and legislative bodies and the 11 municipal chief executives, subject of course, to their respective assessment, position, and/or reactions, with dispatch.