Finally, after nine (9) months of resultant inconveniencies due to series of typhoons particularly ST Rolly, financial constraints and Covid-19 pandemic, power restoration was completed province-wide.

That means all power lines will state-of-the- art technology have been installed especially in the municipalities of Baras, Gigmoto, San Andres and the like. Henceforth, it doesn’t matter if the power restoration was three months behind schedule.

Regardless of the resultant socio-economic, environmental and psychological imbalances due to slew of typhoons and prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, at least, the island province have been re- energized before the BER months subdued arrival & festivities.

Truly, who would forget the missionary assistance of more or less 47 electric coopatives including Meralco One Foundation and outpouring of all forms support from the national government agencies, local government units, business and private individuals.

So amazing, soothing and substantial the bayanihan spirit shown that our respected Publisher of this pubication (Ferdinand Brizo) and Singapore-based OFW friend Mr. Sofronio Matienzo were inspired to compose the songs ” Bangon Catandunganon” and “Mabalos sa Gabos “, respectively.

Now, the typhoons months are manifesting its threatening, ugly head once again.

Let’s hope and pray that our very own world famous Mt. Mayon Volcano would not devastate Albay and nearby provinces in the way Taal Volcano is showing signs of impending devastation on the environment and communities in general.

Let’s hope and pray that this coronavirus pandemic will come to pass. That we will be victorious against this man-made and nature-induced calamities. That our Christmas celebration, no matter how simple it might, wouldn’t be bluer than blue so to speak.