From Alert level 4 before, the province was reclassified to Alert 2 then. like other provinces in the BIcol Region to Level 3 status.

What does it meant? COVID 19 Omicron variant and other variants have had a resurgence during the Christmas season.

There is a need for all Catandunganons to religiously follow what is contained in Executive Order No 2 issued by Governor Joseph C. Cua last January 16, 2022.

There is a need for stringent Border control monitoring and enforcement of security measures to individuals from the mainland or Metro Manila specially to avoid travelers sneaking through the back door with fake health documents presented. There is a need for a booster shot of fully vaccinated ones.

In the Bicol Region was reverted back to Alert level 3 status. From diving to zero sometime during the first three days of the new year, the number of active cases climbed back to 112 recently.

The consoling fact is that none of 112 active cases were in either severe or critical condition. The Bed Occupancy Rate at all six COVID -19 hospitals remains at safe level with just 25 of the 74 available beds occupied as of last week including the one ICU bed.

Because of this alarming scenario,  there is a need for all to support the government in the battle against this vicious and unseen virus.

Finally, there is a need for all of us to return to our faith in God even as we follow government’s order for good measure.