The barangay is the smallest unit in the government. It provides us a glimpse of how the national government works for the benefit of the people and its territory. We often dream of what the country would be like under responsible leaders and so far we’ve only received glimpses of that dream. What would a country be like if we were led by these sort of leaders?  Barangay Progreso of San Miguel provide us with a living, breathing example.

               Recently, said barangay had received the approval of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG} in recognition for its exceptional supervision and leadership over its people and territory. This achievement is more amazing if you consider the fact that out of the 315 barangays in the province, Progreso is the only barangay to receive such recognition.

               The said barangay was able to receive high marks on the following core areas: Safety, Peace and Order, Financial Administration, and Disaster Preparedness.

               According to Punong Barangay Bagadiong, they did all of this not for an award or recognition but because according to him it is what barangays should exhibit in the first place.

               Progresso served as a template for other barangays on how to properly utilize funds, Social Protection, Business Friendliness and Competitiveness and Environmental Management.

               This honor brings us to the realization once brought up by VP Leni that a good leader does not see what he lacks, a good leader makes use of what he has to the. fullest for the benefit of all.

               May the other barangays and our leaders seated on the higher seats of power use this example as a template for a better Catanduanes and to a higher extent: a better nation. (Jake Terrago)