March is Women’s History Month, marks the annual observance of International Women’s Day. Since it began in 1909, this month has celebrated the accomplishments of women. 

This year, as we remain in the throes of the ongoing global pandemic, the role of women in our society has taken on greater exploration. 

The demands of childcare and remote learning are falling largely onto women who oftentimes are juggling work amid the uncertainty of the pandemic. That’s not to suggest that strides haven’t been made.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month this year, we look back on how far our nation has come with regards to gender equity and the critical role woman have played and still play in our society. We celebrate the trailblazers — the firsts — the women who have paved the way, from sports to politics to the arts, women continue to make a name for themselves in this world.

Thank you to the brave women and their firsts. You sowed invaluable seeds for generations to come. Their work made them firsts but their ongoing efforts ensure that they will not be the last.